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If family cannot testify for you, who can? This is my Grandfather and Grandmother, my Mom and Dad, 2 of my uncles, my oldest brother, and a couple of my First Cousins on my Daddy's side! Some of them are no longer with us though, so they cannot testify unless you are really living deep in the spirit. But you could always just use my Ebay feedback of many years, or my newer venture with, or call the local Chamber of Commerce in Canton MS for Testimony.

dolly parton & frazier riddell
Dolly was exausted after a day of allowing employee photo shots with her.  I was working at Dolly Wood as
an audio tech (1985).  I helped out with the shoot and brought Dolly a diet coke when she was parched and she said
"Thank You" along with some other nice words.  Does this constitute a testimony?

Uh, I needed some casters for my large amp.  These puppies have Stan's name
written all over them.  Thanks STM

moms & dads
When we needed advice on our outfits, Small Town Music was there.  Or was that comments rather than advice?
IN any case, you can trust these guys.  They got an eye for the music biz.

max with a Christmas hat on and not real amused
What?  I'm just a dog.  OK, I'm the STM mascot, sort of - kind of.  They do treat me well with the
exception of an occasional photo op they find as humorous.

band hats<>
Thanks STM for loaning me this Band Hat indefinately.  This will add to our show for sure.  Rock on...........

Thanks you guys at STM for finding me just the right size guitar.






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past yearly slogans ( the annual slogans began in 2010 )

••••••• Though I had hoped 2021 might not suck (and was partly wrong)
  still we can hope that 2022 will contain less yuck (the whole year long)

••••••• This past year made it hard, to be positive and clever
  still might this 2021, become all our best year ever •••••••

••••••• I hope that your family, has joyous and plenty
  both peace and true love • throughout 2020

•••••• May we keep ourselves tight, tidy and clean
  as we wash our way through • Two Thousand & Nine-teen

••••••• I hope you write a song that paints • a straight & narrow scene
  providing for your family in • Two Thousand & Eighteen

Let us treat others kindly & keep our sould clean
and be instruments of good for all Twenty-18

May your pen and your paper be a well oiled machine
and bring good songs written for all 2016

May your Spirit & your music • be creative & alive
as U travel thru two (2) zero (0) plus a (1) one & (5) a five

May tough times & bad times • be rarely seen
as you and yours traverse • 2000-14.


May 2013 be for You - a year of all that's Good & True.

Put Ole Man Trouble up on the shelve
and accentuate the positive in 2012

May you find a little piece of Heaven
as you travel thru - 2011

May you find Happiness - again and again...
as you weave your way through - 2010