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(everything’s coming up roses)

I’m caught up in life’s little twister
and everything’s spinning around
I’m cold and naked and hungry
and I want my feet back on the ground
I don’t know if it’s dogs or it demons
but something is dragging me down
And if it’s just me then God let me be
cause it’s time to go out on the town

I can make my own decisions
tonight I decided to drown
I can give plenty of reasons
to excuse when I act like a clown
But even the circus has fired me
and Jesus can’t be far behind
the church didn't work and then I blamed them
for being unfair & unkind

How can I say that I love You - how can I call you my Friend
"When everything’s coming up roses
 come to the garden again"

Life used to have such a meaning
but lately it’s been running thin
When I go to the well to draw water
there’s a hole in my bucket again
I laugh when there’s really no reason to laugh
and I cry on the inside alone
yes and I still believe in salvation
but don’t think that I can atone


copyright 2004 Frazier Riddell


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