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Dandelion, I’m gonna pick you
and with a breadth put you on the wind
Dandelion, when you gonna come down
and start it all over again

Dandelion, can I have a little wine
will you make it - specially for little me
Dandelion, your brilliant vivid yellow
is quite a sight to see

Some people only want to hold you
other people want to - set you free
from Eurasia, you landed in America
first written down in 1373

Dandelion, I’m gonna pick you
cause if I don’t I’ll have to - mow you down
Dandelion, from the family of Taraxacum
you sure do sound uptown

lead section - back into “CHORUS” & then

repeat Verse One and tag the end with: 
“Start it all over again”

words & music ©2004 Frazier Riddell


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