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"John The Baptist"

    John The Baptist (JTB) is a band, ranging from duo to full meal deal, focused on Spiritual music. Not exclusive against anyone, this group is mostly based on Christian influence and values, whatever the hell that means you may be thinking. Well these guys aren't militant Christian, nor would they have anything to do with cross burning and reject HATE, seeing hate as one thing their Lord and Savior would frown upon in a most arduous way.
       - Johnny F / CMC Records
            - March 2016

L.U. 01-21-2017


• 04) What's Next?


• original first Single release date (April, 2016)

John The Baptist Song Notes:  BY SONG

1) We're Better / Song Writer F. Riddell / Publishing (BMI)
    When people, countries, faiths, religions.... go astray; the reason why can often be summed up in a couple of words - We're Better. I found myself trying to ‘explain’ this song, and found a very difficult time doing so. I labored over words. I poured over thoughts again and again trying to figure out a way to say it. I found it near impossible. It is a struggle to see the plight, burden and suppression of innocents. It is a heavy yoke to carry, feeling that I own some of the responsibility for such. Then I remembered one reason I think God gave me song writing. We often have things to say for that mere words cannot do justice. So, I suppose in this case, I’ll let the song talk. To mention though, a few studio notes, the acoustic initially laid down is a Larrivee L-09 guitar I just love the sound of. The guitar electric is a Squier Tele played thru an old "Cassette Rock and Play" by Ibanez (model RP-100), so to use the distortion and chorus from it, direct to tape. A little tricky to get the sound out from the unit to tape as the only output to use was the mini headphone jack. Though at times it may sound like slide guitar, it's not. Man I love recording!
        - JTB 03-21-2016

2) Liar Lunatic or Lord / Song Writer F. Riddell / Publishing (BMI)

    I've always been a big C. S. Lewis fan. I remember from years back of his argument about Jesus of Nazareth being the "Christ"; or Not. I suppose you could look that argument up for more detail, but this song is my short version of the same. Always wondering just where a song comes from and never really knowing? I can relate. I have rarely ever been able to sit down and just create a song from nothing. At the very least a concept has to hit me. I would say this is one of those songs, though it starts with some lines first that I was able to relate to said topic and my short description, and then I took it from there to attempt to develop it, revise it, make it as clear and concise as I could. This WAS Tested live several times before recording, and in the past that has normally turned out a good thing. I hope for any that take the time to listen, and enjoy, you get some type of pleasure and or understanding from this song that might help you in life. This song was recorded at Small Town Music Studio in April of 2016. A basic rhythm/synth pad track was laid down, and that was built upon. The percussion sounds laid down next were from a Korg consumer model unit (Korg Clip-Hit) that has since been passed on to my drummer for his recording use. Bass and all else are "real" instruments, and not electronic, with the exception of synth track laid down in real time, easily heard in a couple spots. But in the lead section of this, the guitar was the lead, and it felt it was lacking. So I doubled that track with the synth, and when I listen, it's hard to tell which I'm hearing, but one them is a Fender Tele thru a Crate 4x12 rig, and the other the synth, and it was not easy to copy the guitar track with the synth. One section with a string bend I had to practice many times before I could make it match and not sound 'wrong'. Thanks and hope you enjoy the track. If so, please also share this page.
        - JTB / April 2016

3) Some Days (keep movin' on) / Song Writer F. Riddell / Publishing (BMI)
    I am ever wondering just how people make it through some of the things they are going through. Then again, I also have had, do have, and will have those times. I think we all do. I just see some things that overwhelm me, and I wonder just how that person is coping. I often hope the have God to lean on. And I also feel like if I talk to them about God, and Jesus, I am not doing enough. I think this feeling can lead us to a better place. A place where we are desiring to help others in times of need.
    In December of 2016 I had several people I knew going through TUFF circumstances. So including sickness, some including the death, and in cases very untimely death, of a loved one. In late December, I had a conversation with someone, and somehow things spun around to where he was at in his life, with untrue love, divorce, financial dire straights, etc… and this song came from that. I just went into the studio, without ever playing this live, and actually without it even being finished. It is one of those songs that just poured out within minutes.
    In the studio, we ended up with a percussion track that make me thing of a Marching Snare Drum. Maybe a firing squad. Spaghetti Western? OK. I guess the guitar riff brings in the James Bond or Clint Eastwood. It was fun to work on. As always I wish I had more resources and time to complete songs, but alas I am where I am, and making the best of it. I hope the same for the one who inspired this song. Thanks
        - JTB / January 2017

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