Do you like those clothes she's wearing, on the cover of that magazine
her breast are hanging half out, yes she's a bustin' at the seams
The women who call her a hussy, are really burning anger and envy
and the men who pass her in the grocery store undress her in there dreams
but it's allright, cause it a

Fashion, fashion, how much more of this fashion can we take now, Fashion

Do you like that car he's drivin', it's the fanciest around
they said it was built to last forever, in 3 months it broke down
Now it's nawing away at his insides, he let a car bring him down so low
but the way he laughs and blows his smoke you'de never ever know
that he got caught by a

Some folks hate and some folks love all this fashion of the few
and the fashion gurus act like it's all original and new
But you know it's really nothing new and that it's always been around
we give our lives to have all these things
that we can't take with us when we go to the ground
That's right, I need a new guitar,
that's right, I need a new celluar phone,
that's right, I gotta drink the right kind of beer,
that's right, so the girls will fall all over me and my

© circa 1990 F. Riddell

GITTW cover


"Give It To The Wind"
released in 1996    
     9 of 11 songs recorded live to ADAT
         folk rock style        
             available on CD & Cassette
                 price with shipping and handling $10
                     hair not included      
                         administered by BMI

First of all, thanks to all the musicians that made these recordings possible.  OK, so Chris Hall is the only other player, but all the musicians Iíve met, played with, became friends with, etc.........; and the live music and recordings I have listened to and continue to listen to, are part of this music.   In a real big way this is NOT just me, and let us all thank God for that!  I'd like to thank whomever owned my 1965 Gibson Southern Jumbo before I did & those who built it; for giving it such character.  This instrument helped my confidence emencly.

This album came out of multi track frustration.  I have several tracks/songs that I was working on in 1995 on an 8 track and just was not happy with the results I was having.  One morning I went out to my garage/studio and set up 3 mics.  One close mic for guitar, one close mic for vocals/harmonica and one room mic about 3 feet in front of me.  A couple of hours and a pot of coffee later, 10 tracks appeared.  I did end up using one older track with a few overdubs (Blue Bird) and felt compelled to put an electric guitar in ìFashionî, hence the only other overdub.

This Recording is dedicated to HOME.  That would include family and friends.  My wife and I moved back to Canton, MS because of family.  (I say we moved back but just I moved ìbackî.  My wife and son had never lived in Canton so they just moved, without the ìbackî)  We wanted our son to grow up around aunts, uncles, grandmammaís, grandaddyís, first cousins, second cousins, etc........  We felt and still feel we made the right move.

Musical influences include: my grandfathers piano, 1st grade choir, the music my brothers and sisters listened to, high school band, all those tunes that blaired out way to loud on my truck, the old ìOzone Record Shopî in Oxford MS where I bought several albums, music education at Ole Miss, the radio just a little bit, and God (even Jesus Christ).

*all music & lyrics by Frazier Riddell - copyright 1996 - administered by BMI
**check out other music, etc.... on the world wide web at

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Frazier Riddell - Canton Ms Native.  Mississippi original music song writer schooled in Oxford Ms at Ole Miss, that being the University of Mississippi.  Graduated in 1984,  John F. Riddell, owner of small town music, singer song writer, writing songs from personal experiences in the south, and hoping to change things not only in the south, but the world, finally made it back to Oxford in 2010 to sing on the Thacker Mountain Radio program.  Smiles of the heart were huge, when Frazier met Jim Dees for the manieth (not knowing that though & thought it would be 1st) time.  Jim was a mainstay at the HOKA.  Riddell spent lot's of time at the Hoka in the early 1980's.  It was a blast that night, as Riddell billed the show along with Cindy Wolff and her friends Big John on upright bass guitar and Emily Bakker on baritone ukelele.  After Thacker, those 3 and Riddell performed on the square in Oxford to a fine enthusiastic crowd at Roosters Blues House.  If you go to look up Cindy, remember the spelling.  I always want to put Wolf or Wolff instead of Woolf.