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01) Talking Bout Love ( 2016 )
02) 8 BALL - ( 2016 )
03) Love Can't Be Lost Once it's Found ( 2017 )
04) Liar, Lunatic or Lord ( 2014 )
05) The Definition of Love ( 2016 )

"Talkin Bout Love"

How TO BUY an early Promotional COPY:
The promotional hard copy of this project is being printed even as I type. Expected delivery September 14th. Should you want to make a "DONATION" towards the project, doing so in the following way will get a copy mailed to you:

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11) Talkin Bout Love REPRISE

    "THE MORE YEARS THAT PASS BY, the more difficult it becomes to finish a project." I put that in quotes because I've said it before, and God willing will say it again before I'm gone from this Level.
    This is project #13 for me, 'Single Releases' not included. I feel good about this one. I took my time. Did the best I could with ages old gear. Also I spent time coming up with a theme, and just felt that 'Talkin Bout Love' was it. This project was almost "8 BALL" but I did not feel that fit the overall. This CD is a journey thru songs about love, and as we all know, love comes in many different forms. So this CD comes with many different songs. This will initially be released in "Promotional Hard Copy" circa September 14th, and then a month or 2 later will be released in digital format. Peace be with you and with your spirit.

    - Frazier Riddell
            -September 2018


06) Balloons - ( 2007 )
07) The End ( 2010/2018 )
08) Whoop my Bottom - ( 05-25-2016 )
09) Tamped Down With Love ( January 2018 )
10) Breath in Good ( February 2011 )



original release date  (2018)
• 11 songs
styled from Solo to Combo arrangements
• available in hard copy ( email or call us )
& in digital format (in the near future) we're going HARD COPY 1st
songs administered by BMI - unauthorized duplication is naughty


01) Talking About Love (2016)
I think written in 2016, & performed many times with Schuyler Dickson.
This was written at the End of Shane & Frazier and or somewhere in the
beginning of Frazier and Schuyler. So I'm thinking it was 2016. Tis
possible could be 2015 I'll just have to see if I find any notes. I make
such notes on songs usually, but every once in a while I don't have, or
can't find, the specifics. It's cool when I can ID a song by year, and
month, and even sometimes the day started. This song is about Actions.
Actions speak louder than words. I do believe that a balance must exists
between Faith and Actions. And I would also say that to believe that our
own actions can get us to a perfect eternal life is a little bit of a
dangerous thought. But, actions are truly important, and often in this
world the only barometer we have to go by in making decisions on how to act
for and against others. This song is one I really got to hash out live. I
am attempting to do that more and more with my latter years of writing. It
is a true test of a song, and very telling, when you play it live. You find
out what lines feel good to sing and which ones don't quite convey much or
feel good even in the way the syllables are presented. It is just different
when you play something in front of other people.

02) 8 BALL - (2016)
Lead out song on project? Nope, but almost ended up the project title.
But, Talkin Bout Love won out. This is the first song I think that I Ever
was happy about the production. Even after it's been a couple years since I
first released this under "The HeeBee GeeBees" in September of 2016, the
only thing that bothers me a little is the digital distortion that occurs
in a few spots. I have to confess to borrowing the lead section guitar riff
to David Bowies LP Aladdin Sane. I don't know who it was that came up with
that riff, but I borrowed it for this song. My writers notes show this song
was started on 06/18/2016 and that I made revisions on the road, on the way
to Connecticut on June 22nd and 25th of 2016. People have wondered, out loud, where the QUE BALL sound came from. Well, at my place of business, Small Town Music, at the old New Paragon Cotton Gin in Canton MS 39046, I walked around in and out of the gin and had a big
hammer banging different things. About 12 little snippets. Well the one you
hear, it was an outside thick metal rail that ended up winning. Doesn't
sound like that when I listen, but that is what it was.

03) Love Can't Be Lost Once it's Found (Allah's) - (2017)
Late January 2017 - Fairly explanatory. It's a Jesus song without using
Jesus, and instead another common name in Jesus' time. In my experience,
when God's love showered down upon me with Spirit and Faith, yes since I
have often strayed, but God has always steered me back. And I really think
he always will. My personal opinion is, anyone who has truly found God,
will never leave for good. I might be wrong, but just saying that is
something I believe. It would not be a deal breaker, if you felt different,
for us to still have a faith friendship. The Mandolin on this is a trade
piece I took in at Small Town. The guy drove from Alabama to look at a Nice
Yamaha Flat Top Acoustic Guitar I had, and he traded this Ovatio…… Guitar
in on it. It plugs in, but for this recording, and a couple other songs, it
was an acoustic miking, not direct.

04) Liar Lunatic or Lord (2014) C. S. Lewis. That would be my motivation
behind the concept of this song. I have always been a CS Lewis fan ever
since reading the "Space Trilogy". He has things I was not able to read,
then 10 years later I was able to. Maybe his writing evolved with his own
personal evolving? I think mine has, and I would think that a common trait,
with writers and artists. So anyways, CS Lewis proposed that you could not
simply say Jesus was a "good person". That if what he claimed, that He was
the Son of God, was not true, then he was either a Liar or a Lunatic. So if
someone thinks he was a good teacher, that just does not fit, unless you
mean a deceptive or crazy 'good' teacher. And how about the followers of
Jesus; that's pretty rude of them if they left us with a big ole lie. I
believe one day we will find out. If I had to classify myself between 2
choices, and the only given to me were Pharisee or Sudducee, I would have
to choose Pharisee, because the Sadducees did not believe in life after
death. I do. The, almost, electric guitar sound you hear is a Larrivee 05
series 12 String Acoustic Guitar. I went direct, and ended up cutting the
fullness with EQ so to fit where it was needed. Believe me if you heard me
play that guitar right in front of you, you would not think them the same.
Also I really had fun with the lead. Electric Guitar thru a fuzz, and a
keyboard lead synth sound, doubled. You can barely tell if you listen, but
at the very end of the lead they go slightly out of tune for a CHORUS
effect, and then you will here some whistling. Listen if you dare.

05) The Definition of Love (2016) November of 2016 is the later of dates
on the mixes I have on my lap top. I did release this under HeeBee GeeBees.
This makes a good argument for pre-release pen name. After the recording
was made, one that I was close to happy with, but not totally happy, I
actually changed some words in the 2nd half of the 1st verse, and it made a
big difference. "Cupid pulls his bow tight, and shoots with precision and
might; and leave us to fight, the Definition of Love". I just had to bring
religion in. Everyone knows how "human" religion is, they just don't like
to admit it. If you don't admit it, you can use it for blame. People will
love to 'hate a group' based on a likeness of that perceived group, and any
individual who is corrupted. GOOD GRIEF Charlie Brown!!!!! It is so stupid.
And if you are a Christian saying 'yes yes yes so true', don't forget, this
same group *judging is done on Muslim's & Black Lives Matter members, any
number of foreign entity groups… etc… No harm looking at numbers and
percentages though, as some **JUDGEMENT has to be made at times. ( * & **
see tamped down with Love ). Say that you are researching a group, and like
50% of them are solidly linked to violent outbursts towards others, even
death of others. Well, that's a pattern we should point out that the group
has something very strong and real attachment wise to look at in that
situation. But, if 1/10th of 1/10th of 1% of a group ( I'd even take that
number to 1% ) does something crazy wacky insane abuse rape murder slave
molestation yada yada… well, the individual in that situation should be
MUCH MUCH MORE the target, than a group he claims to associate with. WE
TEND to target the group in conjunction with individual. In the 50%
scenario I can understand this, but much less so in the 1% scenario. Just
watch TV objectively and you will see this concept thrown out the window
over and over and over.

06) Balloons - (2007) was to be HeeBee GeeBees but as yet not released. I
show a document created July of 2010 on my laptop, but I have the date at
the bottom of that document as January 15th of 2007. I have played this
live a handful of times. ( ReUnion Neighborhood Pool Holiday Party ) The
HeeBee GeeBees recording latin style is from July of 2016,
pre-prostatectomy of April 2017. This is just a natural man song I suppose.
And we all have that in us. It's dangerous to promote such things as common
place and acceptable, but just as dangerous to suppress such feeling and
pretend they don't exist. One line in this is very specific to a time in my
life. I have a photo of myself and Dolly Parton hugging real nice and tight
when I worked at DollyWood one year. Even though so known (you can admit it
or not) for her 'balloons', I have been asked before, "how did it feel" and
I honestly have to say, "I don't remember". I wasn't even thinking of that
at that particular time and space. Oh well. It just don't seem fair does
it? "You Know exactly what I mean"

07) The End (the songs not finished yet) This song was started on July 2nd
of 2010. This is back in the era of the Union Street Book Store Writers
Night on Canton Square. I hope all who were involved remember those times
with as much fondness as I do! So I went through version after version of
revisions on this song. I'd leave it, come back a year later. I finally
gave it a rest in September of 2015. Well for some reason, while I was
revisiting some other songs and making some pretty big changes in those, I
also revisited this one. This was around June of 2018. So I made major
cuts, then some re-arrangement of the final 'double' chorus, and finally
thought I had an arrangement I could live with, so same month I attempted
to put it down on tape (well really put it down in 0's and 1's). My time is
so limited in recording these days, and equipment so old I don't know if
it's gonna break down before I finish recording a song, I tried to get it
down as quickly as I could. Being a 'tongue and cheek' type song, I got
lucky with an impromptu harmonica part with a fancy Hohner someone had
passed on to me a while back. I felt it a little out of tune, but in the
upper register, I found what I thought would work, and to me "it just fit".
Real simple and, in my opinion, a part a novice can play. The gun shots are
real. I had some old phone video of shooting guns with some friends, and I
stole a gun shot from that. And the rest is history. My first ever "Women's
Empowerment / Me Too Movement / Pro Gun Rights" song.

08) Whoop my Bottom - ( 05-25-2016 ) 1st released under HeeBee GeeBees in
September of 2016 though mix was completed more like May of 2016. Just a
goof of a song, with a touch of "The Gin Band" thrown in at the end of the
song. Smoking is not good for one, at all, but it could be for a few, that
stopping is worse than not if behavior trumps addiction. Written notes,
oldest I can find, show the 05-25-2016. There was VERY LITTLE time between
the writing and recording of this, like days. That is a little out of the
norm for me. This is one that just happened and turned out good. Probably
my 2nd, before this project, in being Happy, really 'almost really' happy,
with the mix. Love jamming on some Tenor Saxophone; like riding a bike. The
kicks at the end, are something I had started doing with the 'jam band' at
the Saturday Jams a few years back. It was a blast. We would sometimes get
a little giddy towards the end of the jam, and I'd do some standard blues
song, and end it with a hole bunch of band hits, like the end of this song.

09) Tamped Down With Love ( January 2018 ) This was early in the year and
got a ruff demo pretty quick. Mix to possibly use is from January 17th of
2018. A song about how we all judge. The question is not if we will judge,
but how we will judge. This is good to learn, because anyone who preaches
that judging is not allowed, is either dreaming or crazy or just a liar, or
a combination there-of. So the best I think we can do, is to seek God whole
heartedly and judge as we would want to be judged. And to judge not in
anger, but in level headed reasoning, asking God to forgive any unjust
judgments we might make along the way. To deny - is a lie. We all judge.
Question is will you "judge rightly". The acoustic guitar bed on this is a
Larrivee L body guitar.
10) Breath in Good - I have this noted as written in February of 2011.
This song did appear on 'our' "Shane and Frazier" CD that Shane Foshee and
myself released in 2011/12. We had been doing a duet for 7 years or close
to it, and we finally put out a CD (available but hard to find). You can
find info on the project and some of the songs at I
remember this period of recording, because I had my gear downstairs in a
different area for a year or so when I considered recording for hire. Well,
that just didn't work out, but this song along with a few other tracks came
out of it. I had my Peavey Classic 50 head, with 4x10 and 1x15 cabinet set
up in the other room, along with a bass rig including an OLD peavey head
and a scoop 1x15 cab that was probably for a PA but I was using for bass. I
also had a drum set and in the room as it was, it got a pretty lively
sound. This is the same period when I recorded a Small Town Music
commercial that still plays to this day ( Aug 2018 ) on radio, and I still
get rave reviews on it. If only the same were true with my "songs". So the
electric guitar, which you might notice double tracked at the lead section,
is on a Peavey T-60 guitar in a turquoise finish. I don't have it any more,
and it's the only one of that finish I ever had. I did keep and still have
a natural finish one, because the T60 is the first ever electric guitar I
owned way back when. The acoustic intro is a Larrivee (though I can't
remember which one I was using as I have several around the shop) and
really I think ALL acoustic tracks on any of these songs are Larrivee
guitars. So I'm not really happy with the bass track, but when working with
old gear, and doing analog style mixing, sometimes there is only so much
you can go back and do with practicality. This is one I would like to
re-record one day if I should ever get to do so as a 'job'. There are some
religious mantra's that say breath in bad and breath out good. I'm not
against those. I just felt the song this way, and it is an encouragement to
"breath in good" and attempt to get rid of bad. Putting in good I can't see
as a bad thing, and the releasing of bad is not upon other people, but to
God, because He can absorb it and make it all good. When the tears have
dried, time will make it OK.

11) Talkin Bout Love REPRISE. When I decided this song would be the center
piece of this CD project, I got lucky one night and without really thinking
about bringing this song back in, thought of it. It just crossed my mind
that the very end would be cool to take it out with the Mandolin, just like
it started with mandolin. So the mandolin get's the last say!

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