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VINTAGE PEAVEY ARTIST SERIES TUBE AMP  -  #1A-778505 / circa 1981 / single 15" black widow / this amp honks / i don't know if it's been modified or not / it will get a LOUD clean sound as well as overdrive / there are 4 different inputs on the front and 2 different gain switches / i'll try and find out more about it / i can tell you though, IT HONKS / as is $245
PEAVEY 4X10 TWEED CAB  -   $300 (mint with cover) 
VINTAGE PEAVEY BANDIT 65  -  #4A-01951903 / this one was a little dirty / pots were very scratchy / they have been cleanded some & are much better but still a little scratchy when moved-fine when you get where you're going / man will it scream when you get it set where you want it / a budget minded gig amp / $145 --
PEAVEY STUDIO PRO 40  -  #2A-01305336 / circa 1982 / vintage larger knob series with old square back magnet / this is one of the ones that sounds as warm as a tube amp / great sounding!!! / light weight / good for studio or small gig / $155  ( BIG pic of amp )
STONE CHORUS AMP - good little practice amp with the added feature of a nice chorus / not to shabby as a small acoustic guitar amp / this is not current issue but older so it's not totally cheap crap! /  $140
OLD PEAVEY 1X15 CAB LOADED WITH A BRAND NEW SHEFFIELD 15  -  i think this would make a nice guitar cab / for listening purposes i have it hooked up to a multi effects unit which is running out to the "peavey monitor amp" LISTED BELOW (SERIES 260) and then into the cab loaded with the sheffield 15 / it's a very good sound / it could also be used as a bass or keyboard cab / it's just not gonna take as much power in the low end as a scorpian or black widow speaker / $175
VINTAGE PEAVEY MONITOR AMP  -  series 260 / has built in eq section / good old power / a little dirty and scratchy but very functional when set / $144  
VINTAGE WOODSON AMP HEAD  -  good solid state power / section 2 input only functions / works OK with guitar but wanted to buzz out at loud volume with bass guitar & still a prett cool old piece / as is $125
QSC 3.7 mono PA amp - 90 watts of good clean power / functions great / cosmetic %80 / $175

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