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Another Side of Bob Dylan / Mono CL-2139
sold Ebay 03-2016

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<>This is a cool old record in very good shape.  I am not a guru of Vinyl, though I certainly LOVE to listen to it.  I have listened to this entire album.  There is a noticeable scratch pop that is happening on song #4 of Side ONE.  Overall very good quality in my opinion.  On the rest of Side ONE & on SIDE TWO I heard at most just a couple of pops or crackles to notice lightly overall, with volume turned up at moderate loud volume.  Really looks & sounds clean overall, both album and cover.  Dead wax number 2d on both side A & B of album.<> See pics and let me know if you got questions.  Frazier - Small Town Music - 601.859.8596

PLEASE ask all questions before bidding and I'll do my best to answer them or say I don't know. 

  ------   THE item IS SOLD IN above stated CONDITION AND GUARANTEED TO ARRIVE TO YOU THAT WAY & BEYOND THIS NO WARRANTEE EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED   ---   THANKS FOR LOOKing - Frazier - small town music - 601.859.8596 on the earth at 436 West Peace Street for purposes of possible LOCAL PICKUP

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